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        The development trend of mobile phone market China: local manufacturers play a leading role

        From: Shandong Dongtai Electronic Science and Technology Co  Date:2015-04-22 17:10:27  Hits: 
        Compared with Taiwan, mainland mobile phone industry chain development China although late, but now the midstream and downstream industry chain is very complete. In the design of the key chip manufacturing, upstream, downstream of the peripheral components, and brand and other aspects of the industry chain, many manufacturers have invested. In the key chip, the baseband chip and application processor development faster, the former includes Spreadtrum, with the core, which contains other vendors Hass, spreadtrum. Among them, Spreadtrum in 2013 received a 70% share in the Chinese, TD-SCDMA market, and began to focus on research and development of WCDMA products, in the baseband chip power is strong. In the Samsung in the Chinese and China Mobile to launch products, most of them will Spreadtrum chip as standard. The core is the Datang Telecom (600198, stock it), the background, current development of tablet computer products with an emphasis on the integration of NFC and 3G function, and the other competitors differentiation. Overall, due to the current mainstream mobile phone products, Chinese were treated by turn-key solution, so the solution of fundamental and application processor integration.
        A Chinese mainland mobile phone industry chain
        In the manufacturing industry, in recent years, thanks to the China mobile phone brands in global market share to grow significantly, and OEM orders are appointed by the local supply chain, but also by many manufacturers, which can be divided into three kinds of different business models, including design, client design and production (IDH/ODM) and other companies, commissioned the production (EMS). One of the most representative of the industry, have heard, Shanghai Huaqin communication, dragon flag, SIM technology in commissioned the design and production. BYD EMS (BYD chisel in (002594, stock it)). At present, Chinese mainland brand manufacturers, such as Lenovo, ZTE, Coolpad and Huawei, for the cooperation and the large commissioned the design firms, but the large brand design company commissioned the orders are mostly low-end products, product margins higher order is small, it Chinese, commissioned to design the company will expand to overseas customers, by providing overseas customer PCBA and the ODM to increase revenue.
        In the aspect of the brand business development, the rapid increase in Chinese mainland brand industry, which Huawei, ZTE and other large manufacturers overseas market share has grown, Tianyu, cool, millet and other two echelon industry, in the local market also achieved success, led to the Chinese brand business, industrial activity. In 2013 the global smart mobile phone brand market share, China manufacturers accounted for four (Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, cool, eleventh were TCL). Among them, but also because of Chinese local market brands in the low market fierce fighting, and saw strong demand in emerging markets, mobile phone, China brand manufacturers have to strengthen the layout of the emerging market.
        Analysis of two, mobile phone sales market, China
        In 2013, China mobile phone sales market, the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone sales, the proportion of smart mobile phone by the rapid rise of mobile phone Chinese, drive, output growth. The intelligent mobile phone, toward the high performance (large screen, high speed CPU) direction, so the purchase of mobile phone demand also contributed to Chinese, mobile phone sales value for further growth, 2013 sales of about $62100000000, compared to the previous year growth of approximately 35.8%.
        Prospect in 2014, mobile phone sales market forecast China, intelligent mobile phone will increase to 88%, is expected to drive the value of $73400000000, compared with 2013 growth of about 18.4%. But it is worth noting that, in 2014 the overall market mainstream products will be further to the development of low-cost, on the contrary, and before the 2013 target market, small and medium-sized city and rural users, by lower income groups (children, migrant workers, housewives, the elderly and the popularity of the market) will become the main driving force.
        The recent development of dynamic, Chinese important mobile phone manufacturers, three
        (a) Huawei: 2013 mobile phone market ranked third in the Chinese Huawei. Huawei mobile phone sales began in 2003, the original mobile phone as the core and base station products sell cheap products, after several years of development, in 2009 with the launch of IDEOS smart mobile phone Huawei in overseas markets, as well as Vision and Honor brand launch, start started product visibility, market share gradually grow. In market strategy, Huawei take cooperation and overseas operators to promote business, currently more than 500 operators and more than 150 countries and regions to cooperate, by telecom customized mobile phone sales in the international market price. At present, Huawei has been carried out in Japan LTE intelligent mobile phone sales. Also due to the recent Huawei in the North American market business promotion as expected, nearly a year to focus Huawei overseas business has turned into the European market, Germany, Italy, sponsored by the Spanish football game started advertising awareness. In addition, with the mobile phone China in e-commerce sales platform sales, because the cost of e-commerce sales pipeline is low and gradually increased, Huawei also actively open up the electricity supplier sales channels, such as the 2014 May release of P7, the synchronization in the Huawei mall, Tesco Suning, Gome online store sales platform synchronization etc..
        (two): ZTE ZTE (000063, stock it) in 2002 began the development of mobile terminal products, from the beginning of 2005, in order to cooperate with the overseas market system base station sales, ZTE began involvement of mobile products business. With the mobile terminal market demand, in 2005 began to set up factories in India, Pakistan, Venezuela and Brazil construction. Overall, in 2011, ZTE mobile phone business is based on low order products, ZTE telecom operators to cooperate with international sales of customized price models, has been in North America, Europe and Latin America market a firm pace. Beginning in 2011 with the resurgence in the overseas market to provide LTE system solutions, and released the Nubia brand in 2012, ZTE mobile phone business to high order path.
        In the development of smart mobile phone, ZTE in 2011 to 2012 in America and China market, by virtue of CDMA mobile phone, accounting for fourth of the ranking. Since 2013, ZTE also increase the brand management, including sponsorship NBA rockets, and the strengthening of the BestBuy, Walmart current sales channel management. 2013 the global intelligent mobile phone ranked seventh (4%), the 2013 production of about 40000000 intelligent mobile phone shipments in 2014, the target is 60000000.
        (three): in 2013, lenovo mobile phone brand China, ranking first for Samsung (21.7%), followed by local brands, Lenovo, cool second, Huawei equal three (Huawei and cool, for the same, both 7.1%). Among them, Lenovo accounted for about 2.7% years in the growth of 2012~2013 brand, to 9.1% in 2013, became the first domestic mobile phone brand, China, growth rate is larger local brands. Starting in 2012, Lenovo accounted for there is rapid growth, the low order A series mobile phone play an indispensable role, such as the low order entry of A278t mobile phone, equipped with Spreadtrum SC8810T, 3.5 inch display, at the lowest price 600 yuan of sales in the market, reached 5000000 units shipped. In 2012 China Mobile custom machine control purchase quantity is about 60000000 units, the association of single models accounted for 1/10. In 2013 Lenovo acquisition of Google's Motorola mobile phone sector, so that the global intelligent mobile phone market share up to third, hoping to enter the European market in emerging markets, such as the Middle East Africa.
        Millet: millet (four) since its inception in 2010, more than 3 years of rapid growth, in 2013 the global smart mobile phone number twelfth (and the same column). Millet smart mobile phone products before the launch, the first investment of MIUI development, to cultivate the operating system developed based on Android system, and support for other mobile phone products, cultivate a loyal fans. In order to apply the MIUI software function is reflected in the hardware, then millet in 2011 August launched the first intelligent mobile phone, priced at 1999 yuan, welcome in the young greatly, and open the market popularity.
        Analysis of millet product line is very simple, the first generation of mobile phone M1, basically is to provide high with cheap products in 2000 yuan, although not to the basic models, models, product launch is often based on the existing products modification, and launched to support different communication standards for mobile phone version, and by virtue of the management of user forum, collect user feedback, constantly optimize the user experience, in order to maintain the performance optimization of the mobile phone, forming good user reputation, high repurchase rate to manufacturing (42%, 2013 to statistics). In the platform, millet products in the past to give priority to the use of Qualcomm platform, including the MSM8260, the APQ8064 in 2012 2011. But in the 2013 launch of the 799 yuan price of red rice machine, is the use of MediaTek MT6589T products. With the Google Android Hugo Barra millet with top entry in the second half of 2013, is expected to European and American markets for millet will strengthen management.
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